A nine week group microdosing experience to open your heart, increase awareness, and expand consciousness. 

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When you join The Microdosing Mastermind, you will receive:

Medicinal Mushrooms

You will receive a four week supply of a hand-crafted concoction of mushrooms created specifically for you. This heart-opening medicine is the foundation of the container and will be used throughout to increase awareness, expand consciousness, and open your heart.

Altar Kit

We greatly value ritual and ceremony and invite you into creating your own altar to anchor the work we will be doing throughout this container. You will receive a gift package including a candle, a home-grown/handcrafted bundle of sage, a cloth, and a crystal to get your altar started.

Integration Portal & Community Group Chat

The Integration portal is where all content will be held such as the digital companion guide, guided practices, PDFs, and any educational material that will be reviewed on our calls. While in the container, you will also have access to a group chat with all members within your specific container - this is a place for real-time inspirations, questions, sharing, and celebrating.

Nine Group Integration Calls 

Each week throughout the container, we have an online integration call. Each call will be different and include teachings, guided meditations, breathwork, somatic practices , and small discussions (most discussions will be held on online community portal). Calls are held each Thursday from 6-7:30pm EST.

Possible benefits of micro-dosing mushrooms:

  • Enhanced mood
  • Optimized focus, memory, creativity & cognition
  • Improved energy, motivation, & flow-state
  • Supports new habit creation
  • Nervous system healing
  • Subconscious re-wiring
  • Deepens connection to self, others, Earth, and source
  • Relationship, communication, & intimacy support
  • Supports anxiety & depression¬†
  • Anti-inflammatory & pain-relief
  • Supports healing of addiction, ADHD, PTSD, & eating disorders
  • Supports weaning off of medications


Past Mastermind Member Love...


"The Microdosing Mastermind experience was a wonderful way to be introduced to the benefits and methods of microdosing.  Rebecca and Nicole were both very professional and knowledgeable about plant medicine and mental health, and they fostered respect for the mushrooms and plants that provide this healing.  I found the group experience to be a valuable part of the learning and integration process, as it provided a community for us to share and discuss our experiences in a safe space, exploring new concepts while feeling fully supported.  In addition to the benefits of improved mental clarity, confidence, and personal insight that I was seeking, I also gained knowledge and wisdom that supports all areas of my life, including my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being."


"Beccah and Nicole were a complementary team of gentle and heart-led teachers leading me into new domain...and so thoughtful and intentional in their approach! They introduced me to new peoople on similar journeys, new concepts, and even a new language that opened up a path toward more aligned living. They helped me re-frame my experience and how I interact with the world. If you're new to the world of plant medicine, or if you want to explore its potential beyond the party scene, they will be compassionate guides for you."


"For anyone curious about what mushrooms can offer as medicine and how they can impact your life, the Microdosing Mastermind with Nicole and Rebeccah is the perfect first step. The focus on preparation, integration and gratitude transformed the experience from simply a novel idea to insights and practices that have radically supported my growth. Organized, authentic, and compassionate, Nicole and Rebeccah are a dynamic duo who effortlessly created a warm, safe community allowing each of us to flourish and support each other. Even better, I have continued to reap the benefits ever since. If you're on the fence about this, hop off, it will be way better than you can imagine, I promise."


"My experience in the Mastermind container was nothing short of life changing and true divine timing when I needed this medicine and booth facilitators guidance the most. This container really paved the way for me in my own self discovery, self awareness, and self acceptance, which was something I didn't even know I needed going in. I came into the container wanting a "hard reboot", and left with so much more in insights, compassion, and peace for myself and others. Nicole and Beccah are knowledgable and empathetic facilitators that were *the* cherry oon top for me, with their shared teachings of practical tools that helped support me through the entire process and that I? still use to this day. This experience will catapult you (gently) into owhat needs to be seen, worked through, worked on, and helps facilitate the awareness and change you may be looking for. I am forever grateful for this experience, their support, and for the way mushroom medicine held and continues to hold me"


Meet your journey guides...

Rebeccah Bartlett

Rebeccah is an experienced international yoga teacher who is also currently serving as a Psychedelic Assisted Facilitator & Journey guide. Rebeccah's passion is to support sustainable healing for each of her clients through a holistic approach. With her unique background of offering yoga, mindfulness and other healing modalities to marginalized or in need populations throughout the world, she has worked inside of many complex backgrounds and is well equipped to support your healing process with much peace and compassion. She has worked with survivors of domestic violence, depression, terminally ill, addiction recovery, eating disorders, with those experiencing homelesness, Internally Displaced Citizens, Refugees, Differently Abled, built programs for reintegration after human trafficking and more. Over the past 20 years in addition to yoga and mindfulness her passion for plant medicine as an adjunct therapy for healing has grown. She currently travels to Jamaica to work with a mental health medical group to facilitate Psilocybin based healing retreats for clients. She feels deeply honored to help assist the plants in supporting clients in this breakthrough therapy. Rebeccah would love to work in finding a way to support you and your journey to feeling deeply connected to your most peaceful and authentic self.


  • Trauma Informed E-RYT 200 & E-RYT 500
  • Aryuvedic Certified
  • Reiki Master
  • Psychedelic Assisted Facilitator & Journey guide.

Dr. Nicole Heatherly

Nicole is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Functional Medicine, who is currently serving as a Women's Health Embodiment Mentor. Nicole has a fiery passion for guiding others on their healing path through a unique, holistic approach which encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. After spending 5 years in private practice as a Chiropractor seeing hundreds of patients per week from all walks of life, suffering from various health conditions, Nicole eventually realized the need for a more integrated and sustainable approach to healing. With the need for a more integrative and sustainable approach in mind, Nicole left private practice in 2021 to start her company DOCTOR NICOLE WELLNESS where she guides women back to their healthiest, most radiant, most authentic selves using a unique method which includes a blend of somatic practice & embodiment, functional medicine, mindfulness practice, and subconscious healing. Over the years Nicole has also worked with various plant medicines, where she has not only received much insight into their healing powers, but also realized the great need for the integration work along with these medicines - which is why she desired to birth the Microdosing Mastermind.


  • Doctorate of Chiropractic
  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • Usui Holy Fire¬ģ I & II Certification
  • 240 hour- trauma informed yoga teacher training
  • Bachelors of Science Degree - Business Administration¬†
    & Marketing.

Investment options

Pricing is based on a sliding scale according to your financial situation...



This option is for those who need financial support.




This is the base pay option, which covers all of our costs.




A portion of this option goes to fund those who could utilize these services but are experiencing financial hardship

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