A four-month journey to optimize your BODY-MIND-SPIRIT and activate your internal power.

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This is not a quick fix, cookie-cutter approach to your life & health. This is the path to understanding & connecting more deeply to your body in order to transform your internal world so that you may feel truly nourished and free.

Nicole brings a feminine, holistic, & integrated approach to your entire life, so that you may use flow over force to build a healthy, sustainable, way of life in which you love. Between her background in the holistic healthcare field, experience with energy medicine, trauma-informed yoga teacher training, and her bold embodiment coaching, she’s able to address the WHOLE you -- then there’s no other option than for you to flourish.

Health is either an asset or a liability, you decide.


Knowledge is power and you want to understand how your health works so that you can truly feel confident and empowered when it comes to your health. You understand that what you put in is what you get out, and you are ready to go all in on your health. No more over complicating your health and creating boring, constricting, unsustainable plans. No more quick-fixes or band-aid'ing symptoms. No more Googling every little symptom that arises in your body. No more running to doctor when something feels off because you know what to do and how to listen to your body. This is empowered health - giving you the knowledge, tools, confidence, and freedom when it comes to your health journey.


Long gone are the days of aiming for a "balanced/calm" nervous system - that won't get you very far. You are here to do big things in the world, while also enjoying the fuck out of life along the way, and for that you need a "resilient" nervous system. A resilient nervous system will allow you to increase your capacity and hold more. A resilient nervous system allows you to handle all that life throws at you with more ease. The more resilient your nervous system is, the more energy you have to go do all of the things you want to. The more resilient your nervous system, the more you can show up as the wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, business owner you want to be. A resilient nervous system is your greatest asset and can only be achieved through optimal health.


Radiance can be created through adornment, the clothes you wear, the make-up you put on, or maybe even plastic surgery....but you are here for true radiance, which comes from the inside-out. The type of radiance that comes from every cell in your body thriving. The radiance that comes from a resilient nervous system and balanced hormones. That radiance that comes from a freed-up life-force energy that's pulsating through your body. The type of radiance that has you feeling sexy upon rolling out of bed in the morning with un-brushed teeth and hair, and no make-up.


Authentic alignment naturally unfolds the healthier you become. The more you rid your body, mind, and spirit of the things that no longer serve you and integrate all parts of self, the more you fall into your most authentic alignment. The more aligned you become, the more powerful you are. The more aligned you become, the more liberated you become. The more aligned you become, the more you won't care about what anyone else thinks about you - and I know you're here for that, "I don't give a fuck" energy.  This is authentic alignment.


You desire deep intimacy with all of life - with the people in your life, with life itself, and, most of all, with yourself.  This isn't about cultivating more intimacy, rather it's about journeying deep into your inner world to strip away all of the things that are stopping you from this level of intimacy in the first place. The deeper you go, the more you meet yourself over and over.  The deeper you go, the more you can truly love and appreciate all that life has to offer. The deeper you go, the more you can just BE.


You're already in love with the woman you have become, but now you desire more depth to that love - that unconditional love kind of depth. This depth comes from truly devoting to yourself and your physical vessel (body). Optimal health and authentic self-love go hand-in-hand. Choosing to optimize your health goes much deeper than simply saying you love yourself - it's the embodiment of self-love. The kind of love that has you falling head-over-heels in love with yourself. 

I want to tell you a secret…

Optimizing your health is a portal. 

 A portal to activating your internal power, which leads to…

↠ feeling more free in life

↠ holding deeper love and compassion for yourself

↠ becoming your most radiant self

↠ greater authenticity

↠ greater alignment

↠ experiencing more ease throughout life (even during stressful times)

↠ better relationships

↠ a stronger connection with your body

↠ having more confidence and trust in your immune system, body, & health

↠ developing a stronger intuition & trust in self

↠ magnetizing the people, places, things that are meant for you

↠ repelling the people, places, and things that do not serve you

↠ LIVING life to the absolute fullest

Everything you desire is on the other side of optimal health...

But, here’s the thing when it comes to actually optimizing your health…

→ Doctors and health coaches are only addressing the physical layer of your being…prescribing you only diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.

→ Energy healers are only addressing the energetic layer of your being.

→ Therapists are only addressing your emotions and mindset.

→ Coaches are only addressing a specific niche.

→ The internet is saturated with pieced-together information that you don't know if you can trust.

 ...this leads to  COMPARTMENTALIZED HEALING and will leave you feeling incomplete and EVEN MORE lost when it comes to your health.

Not to mention…

→ Healthcare has been masculinized

→ You are a woman, with female <cyclical> hormones and are NOT meant to be living like a man

...this will have you feeling burnt out and feeling like what you're doing is unsustainable

 In order to truly thrive, you need to address your WHOLE being --- BODY - MIND - SPIRIT




A four month 1:1 private coaching program to completely transform your health through accessing your inner world and addressing all parts of your being – body, mind, and spirit.
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The Whole Woman Method

The Whole Woman Methodology is rooted in functional medicine, energy healing, feminine embodiment, and somatics. You will be guided on a journey through the different layers of your being in order to shed what no longer serves, integrate all parts of self, and discover how to nourish yourself in order to truly flourish and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

When you join Whole Woman, you will receive...


During the 4 months spent in the container, you will receive 15 weekly one-on-one Zoom calls with Nicole. The calls are a combination of past history consults, health consults, coaching, somatic modalities (breathwork, meditation, movement), and energy healing ceremonies (distance Reiki, guided meditation/journeying, breathwork, and somatic experiencing). The level of depth and intimacy that happens on these calls will have you feeling seen, heard, hopeful, held, confident, and empowered. 


Each week throughout the container, you will receive new teachings/content/practices, which are held on the online portal. Every piece of content, training, and practice has been curated with the intention of providing you with the most valuable and precise information - with respect for your time in mind - in order for you to truly tap back into yourself and transform.

***Note - this is not an endless library where I pump all of the information I know to you through a firehose.


For the entire 4 months of the container, you will receive one-on-one messaging support. This is where you will have access to Nicole in between your weekly calls. You can send pictures, videos, voice memos, or simple texts to provide updates, celebrate wins, ask questions, or bounce ideas off Nicole. This messaging support will have you feeling incredibly supported throughout your entire time within the container. 

Whole Woman uses health as a portal to build a solid foundation, cultivate strong roots, and allow everything else to unfold from there.

The relationships, the family, the friendships, the business, the events in your life -- it all comes back to your health.

Because without your health, nothing else is possible.

And with optimal health, anything is possible.

When your body, mind, and spirit are flourishing, everything in your life can flourish.

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Meet your journey guide - Nicole

Feminine Health Embodiment Coach, Doctor of Chiropractic, Reiki Healer, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Over the past 11 years, I have developed a fierce passion for helping women heal and evolve. This passion is not only rooted in my own healing journey, but also in the thousands of women and young girls that I've seen as patients or clients of mine over the years.

Between experiencing a lot childhood trauma, and not being raised to put my health as a priority, I have had countless things to heal physically and emotionally in this lifetime – anxiety, cystic acne, painful/irregular menstrual cycles, persistent migraine headaches, to reaching my heaviest weight of 213 lbs, etc. Not to mention the repeat sabotaging behaviors, persistent patterns, and total lack of awareness.

Along my healing journey I remember feeling lost, with so much to work on, so much information out there, and not really knowing where to turn or even what to approach first. I wanted to, not only help myself by taking charge of my health in this way, but also be able to help others – especially my own family, friends and future children.

This ultimately led to my desire to move across the country after graduating from college to go back to school and receive my Doctorate of Chiropractic. From there, I spent five years in private practice working first-hand with women of all ages to help them heal. During my time in practice, I started to see patterns in women’s health and the connection between the mind and body. I came to realize how our thoughts, emotions, energetic state, and past traumas all have an effect on our physical health and wellbeing. This inspired me to further my knowledge and obtain my Reiki (energy healing) attunement/certification, as well as a degree in Functional Medicine.

So…In 2021, with the intention of changing the entire health paradigm, bridging the gap in healthcare (between the mind-body-spirit), and in devotion to my own body and wellbeing, I decided to leave private practice as a Chiropractor to birth Doctor Nicole Wellness.

Doctor Nicole Wellness was created with the intention to be a space for authentic healing and evolution to occur. Nothing is forced, and there are no quick fixes or temporary band-aids. There is no compartmentalized healing – just whole, raw, authentic healing for your mind, body, and spirit so that you may truly live out your greatest adventure and truly thrive.


Are you ready for your next evolution?

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