Hosted by Dr. Nicole Heatherly - Founder of DOCTOR NICOLE WELLNESS and creator of Whole Woman Feminine Healing Container

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For the woman who desires to truly know all of her parts and connect more deeply to herself.


What to expect...

Vagina & Vulva Mapping

You will be guided through a vagina and vulva mapping session (all cameras off at this time). You will discover your unique anatomy and work with the tissue to nourish & clear trauma that has been stored in your body.


Physical Anatomy Lesson

Understand your physical anatomy so that you know what you're working with and can feel more confident about your body and reproductive health. Anatomy to include all pelvic anatomy. 

Energetic Anatomy Lesson

Everything is energy and that includes all of your reproductive anatomy. Discover the energetics behind this anatomy and how it affects not just your health, but your everyday life. 

Energetic Womb Healing

You will receive a womb healing session with distance Reiki and guided breathwork to help clear trauma and move stagnant energy that may be creating certain patterns and belief systems in your life that are holding you back. 

I cant believe that I never knew what my cervix felt like. I didn't realize that in not truly knowing my anatomy and connecting with this part of myself, I was outsourcing my power to doctors. I now not only feel confident in knowing what's normal versus not, but also how to properly tend to and take care of my vagina and vulva.


Immediately after doing this work in a session with Nicole, I noticed a great sense of peace and relaxation in my abdominal region - like so much had just been released. Within the days/weeks following, I also noticed my libido was heightened and a part of me that felt like it was missing (although hard to name) had been returned. 


Meet Nicole

Nicole is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, who is currently serving as a Holistic Women's Embodiment Mentor.

Nicole has helped thousands of women in their healing journey and has one hell of a passion for all things women's health. She has a special focus on the mind-body-spirit connection and loves helping women reconnect with their body to come back home to themselves and activate their inner power.

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Hosted by Dr. Nicole Heatherly - Founder of DOCTOR NICOLE WELLNESS and creator of Whole Woman

We won't spam. Unsubscribe at anytime.